Spatial Networks — May 2020 news, events & creator features

Latest about Social VR/AR in the Metaverse

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Ongoing list of media, events, featured worlds & experiences 😎👇

Media on spatial networks

Social VR Talks

Laval Virtual 2020: Virtual Worlds
Social VR Platforms — VirBELA & Meet in VR in partnership with Laval Virtual
KTN: Social VR Platforms — Exploring Rumii & AltspaceVR
Natalie Santiago Beronilla: Reggie Watts Live in AltspaceVR

Featured Events & Experiences

  • May 5 — F8: Facebook Developers Conference (Website)
    Because we can’t come together in person for F8 this year, Mark Zuckerberg and other Facebook leaders will do a series of updates throughout the year to share what we’re working on to help people connect.
  • May 5 — XR Immersive Enterprise 2020 (Online)
    We’re bringing you the XR Immersive Enterprise agenda to your fingertips. We’re working with all presenters and panellists to ensure that the digital experience will be as close to the real agenda as possible.
  • May 21–22 — Mixed Reality Dev Days (AltspaceVR)
    Mixed Reality Dev Days is the main event where Microsoft discusses augmented and virtual reality technologies with its communities. It usually involves tech demos, tutorials, workshops, and panels. This year it will be held virtually, it will be free, and it will have a great keynote by Alex Kipman.
  • May 27–29 — AWE USA (Online)
    One of the most respected events about AR and VR, and it gathers every year professionals from every part of the world.

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