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  • December 9–19 — Circular Fashion Summit
    The focus of this edition is Redesigning Society, highlighting the post-pandemic social evolution that reflects in the fashion industry, which includes accelerating digitization and circularity at large, collectively. It encompasses a range of solutions from upcycling, adaptive fashion, digital twins, and beyond, evolving the role of fashion as a force for good.
  • December 20–21 — Winter Solstice Wonder Events in VR (Engage)
    Each gathering in the MindWise Flow Camp metaverse offers immersion, resonance, and a focus on the themes of shadows, darkness and light. Wonder and awe, well-being, and flow are elements of every session, whether it’s a meditation in a moon garden or a Solstice experience. Let Caitlin Krause be your guide, demystifying how to find meaning in the metaverse as we go.

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