Spatial Networks — February 2022 news, events & creator features

Latest about Social VR/AR in the Metaverse

credit: VRChat

Ongoing list of media, events, featured worlds & experiences 😎👇

░F░E░A░T░U░R░E░D░ ░N░E░W░S░ ░&░ ░E░X░P░E░R░I░E░N░C░E░S░

⚡ New update! VRChat OSC for Avatars
VRChat releases an update to Open Beta and a powerful new feature: Avatar OSC! For creative coders and people making fun weird interactive things.
With Avatars OSC, a bunch of new possibilities suddenly open up:

  • Want to use a drum pad to control your avatar’s ears? You can!
  • Want to use your phone’s gyro sensor to control your eyebrows? You got it!
  • Map your face blendshapes to midi control knobs? I mean… if you want to?

— VRChat
February 16th update

image credit: VRChat

WIIT’s Metaverse Creation Lab, apply by February 7th

First in-house creative lab dedicated to women, non-binary and diverse gender creators, organized by Women in Immersive Tech Europe, and funded by the WIIT Meta Grant.

WIIT’s Metaverse Creation Lab is a month-long series of workshops around the definition and representation of “self” in a digital context as well as around aspects of responsible creation for online, social XR spaces. The workshop is headed by Sara Lisa Vogl, Co-Founder of WIIT, along with Metaverse experts.

WIIT / Women in Immersive Tech Europe
Applications due February 7th

League of Heroes in Rec Room

Become the hero Rec Room needs! Now through March, Heroes will choose players like you to join one of the four Leagues of Heroes. Power up with a new cape and profile badge of the league that chooses you. Answer the call, and find fellow league members to party up with and adventure together!

Rec Room
February 17th to March 31st

░I░N░ ░T░H░E░ ░N░E░W░S░

░S░O░C░I░A░L░ ░X░R░ ░T░A░L░K░S░

░F░E░A░T░U░R░E░D░ E░V░E░N░T░S░

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